Quality health care is now
more affordable in Central KY

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You may use the Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center website to search for a provider, or you can call Josh Greeman at 1-859-239-2471 or Jana Bottoms at 1-859-239-2440 to confirm if your provider is participating.

CooperativeCare offers quality health care that employers and employees deserve at a local level. With 100% of the physicians (MDs and DOs) in the CooperativeCare service area participating, employers and employees receive quality care and the advantages you want most in your health care plan, including access to local providers and care. Through the combined resources of network hospitals, quality care is now convenient and accessible. In addition to traditional inpatient care, advanced techniques such as laser and endoscopic procedures and heart catheterization are available on an outpatient basis.

Local Access

CooperativeCare offers a complete and comprehensive local network. Services available through CooperativeCare vary from pre-testing, laboratory, X-ray, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, well child visits and transplants. You can be confident that complete care – from health education and wellness training to catastrophic care – is available through CooperativeCare.

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